Some Good News :)

What a day!

After last wednesdays poaching incident, we were still missing the younger bull.
I spent the morning tracking the bull with the APU.
Eventually the wonderful men of SANParks arrived with the KNP helicopter and took me with to find him. We got him in 5 minutes and darted him in a clearing close to where he was lying.
We found one bullet wound to the front left leg, which fortunately only grazed the bone. We pushed him onto his side and I sat with my hand over his eyes.
We dug lots of maggots (which keep the wound clean) out of the wound and took DNA samples. We treated him with a few different drugs.

Ten minutes later we watched him rise up and move around.

The most impressive part of my experience today was watching Stephen (section ranger), Charles (pilot) and Markus (vet) operate. They were very cool and calm, working with the utmost precision. It was obvious that this is something they do ALOT, but it was obvious that they cared.

Im utterly moved by their dedication.

Thank you to the SANParks team.


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